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Its that time offalmutbldg year and temps are dropping…

This creates many challenges for concrete contractors but there are a few key practices that ensure success for winter concrete:

– use hot water in the mix to elevate concrete temps (all of our plants are equipped with high-efficiency boilers to achieve this)

– add accelerators to the mix to kick off the hydration reaction

– use protective blankets to keep the heat of hydration trapped in the forms to further accelerate the hardening processScreenshot 2016-01-15 at 10.21.15 AM

Check out ACI Concrete in Practice information on Cold Weather Concreting for additional tips and techniques for a successful placement.



Distinctive Concrete Driveways Gaining Popularity as a Durable, Elegant Pavement Solution …

Hello Peter,
  The driveway is absolutely gorgeous! I am exceedingly pleased with the outcome. Despite the unexpected start of the project, its delivery took only 3 days. The crew were highly professional and attended to every detail with exacting perfection. In addition, they were also meticulous in their clean-up and left my property in tip top order. I would not hesitate for a minute to serve as a very satisfied customer for this wonderful company. Many thanks for your participation in the success of this project.
                  Sincerely, Barb Moran





National Ready Mix Concrete Association Recognizes CCRM’s Leadership Role in Industry Publication “In Focus Magazine”

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Click Below for full article

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Chatham Boatyard’s Perk-Crete Pavement Provides Zero Run-off Parking


What used to be a “mud zone” after heavy rains is now a structural pavement parking area that allows storm water to dissipate back into the aquifer.






Local Success with Perk-Crete Highlighted in a National Publication: The Journal of Light Construction

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Journal of Light Construction Pervious Concrete Article: June 2015 Click to Download (12MB)
JLC article author and CCRM sales manager Peter Zoni educating local contractors on benefits of Perk-Crete







Perk-Crete “self-draining” concrete is gaining national attention and when the Journal of Light Construction wanted to feature this relevant concrete technology in their June edition they needed someone with construction experience and pervious concrete knowledge to author a feature length article.   CCRM’s sales manager Peter Zoni stepped up to the plate and produced a write-up explaining the fundamentals of pervious concrete and the installation techniques that insure performance and durability. Thanks to Zoni’s efforts and the support of the CCRM operations and quality assurance team, Perk-Crete pavement is becoming a solution of choice to tackle challenging stormwater interception requirements throughout southeastern Massachusetts.    Link to JLC Article

CCRM’s New Color System Delivers Max Selection and Minimum Lead Time! Pick a Color, Place an Order  … its that easy.


Our recent partnership with a leading concrete pigment company makes our color concrete offering more vibrant and our service more responsive.  We now have in house storage and dispensing equipment that enables a wide range of color options with minimum lead time.

Three loads of “Bamboo” concrete for a decorative patio placement “No problem,  give dispatch a call and we can get it scheduled.”

Colors Available For Your Next Pour:

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 12.39.58 PM - Edited

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 12.44.46 PM - Edited


Applications for colored concrete continue to grow for driveways, patios, walls and Perk-Crete pervious hardscapes.  And with the increasing use of textured and stamped finishes to create the appearance of natural materials like stone and brick, as well as the decorative patterns and attractive finishes used in today’s modern construction, integrally colored concrete is becoming an increasingly popular building material to add value and exciting new options to architectural designs.

Integral Color delivers greater flexibility, easier placement and proven durability.  For contractors who place colored concrete day in and day out, using dust-on color is less of an option as they find integrally colored concrete is paving the way to increased sales and customer satisfaction.   Learn More



Perk-Crete Driveways Proliferate as Awareness Grows!

Perk-Crete driveways proliferate as builders recognize the unique drainage capabilities that are ideally suited for sloped lots near vulnerable watersheds.         Learn More



Perk-Crete Chosen for Greenhouse Learning Lab!

This year-round greenhouse in Orleans, MA will serve as an agricultural and horticultural learning laboratory for students throughout the Cape.  The greenhouse will provide a thriving setting for students to observe, measure, analyze, and apply biological and physical sciences to botany, hydroponics, organic growing practices, alternative energy, engineering, water, and wastewater management.  The Perk-Crete floor enables the excess water to pass through the floor, into the filter substrate and back into the local ecosystem.

CCRM’s Distinctive Driveway Program:

Distinction, Charm, and decades of durability!


Cape Cod Ready Mix offers a complete installation package that begins with pavement design in accordance with American Concrete Institute’s ACI-330R-08 to insure an invincible installation capable of decades of service and satisfaction.  Homeowners take great pride in the exterior of their home. The concrete driveway has become an essential part of a landscaping plan that imparts an inviting image.  A full range of decorative elements are available including a complete range of colors and patterns.

Learn More…



CCRM Supports Industry Education with New England Home and Garden Show Demonstration of PERK-CRETE  Concrete!



PERK-CRETE Pervious Pavement in Action

(no sound)




Cape Cod Ready Mix Recognized by NRMCA for Leadership  Role in Education and Promotion of Pervious ConcreteNRMCA Recognition

Cape Cod Ready Mix in conjunction with  MACAPA conducted an NRMCA pervious concrete contractor certification course attended by 25 new installers. This certification course included classroom instruction and a hands-on section where attendees received expert guidance and training on successful placement techniques.   CCRM’s sales manager Peter Zoni organized the certification program with MACAPA.   Cape Cod Ready Mix provided the pervious concrete, quality control, finishing equipment and placement facilities.   NRMCA Senior Director, National Resources, Doug O’Neill acknowledged the effort and reports CCRM and Peter Zoni continue to be an instrumental part of how and why the industry education process has worked so well when it comes to its success with pervious concrete.







joy campzoni in action


Pervious concrete

Pervious-1Pervious concrete is a mix of Portland cement, coarse aggregate, water and admixtures. Because there is little or no sand in the mix, the pore structure contains many voids that allow water and air to pass through.

Pervious Concrete Advantage:

New federally mandated storm water management regulations are in effect making pervious concrete systems a viable solution. While the EPA recognizes pervious concrete as a Best Management Practice (BMP), building owners are realizing better land utilization and LEED credits with pervious concrete parking lots. Pervious concrete applications can be used as an alternative to complex drainage systems and water retention areas in reducing storm water runoff.


Pervious Structural BackfillCCRM Pervious Structural Fill:  When used in combination with blocks of the appropriate shape,
our pervious structural backfill attaches itself to the wall facing, effectively extending the depth and mass of the facing. The structural backfill zone also serves as the required drainage zone directly behind the block facing.
Concrete in Practice – NRMCA Pervious

Pervious Concrete Applications:

  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks/walkways
  • Streets/road shouldersPervious-2
  • Other light traffic areas

Pervious Concrete Demonstration Video

Pervious Concrete info provided by NRMCA